Review Permissions - Google Apps Script


When you create a google apps script for your AppInventor app, it is normal that you assign the script to run against your google account, and for "Anyone" to run it. For this to happen, you must give the script permission to use your google account. This is normally handled when you create or first run the script. It is best to do this in the script editor, otherwise you may not see what is happening if trying to run it first time from your Appinventor app. Here are then steps in the permissions review workflow.

Be aware that if you are intending to supply parameters to your script, if you run the script in the script editor, it will fail, because no parameters are provided. Once you have successfully reviewed permissions, you can then test with your AppInventor app which supplies the parameters.


4. Click on Review Permissions

5. Select the Google Account you wish to use (this should be the same account you are running the script against)

6. Click on "Advanced" link

7. Click on the "Go to (unsafe)" link

8. Click on "Allow"

You should now be good to go...