Google Sheet CRUDQ II

(create, read, update, delete, query)


I have prepared a new version of my Google Sheet CRUD for several reasons:

  • Some folks were confused by the use of the specific scripting for a script bound to a spreadsheet, along with specific identifying of a sheet in the script. I have now made the script so that it will work either as a standalone script project or one bound to the spreadsheet. The developer will also now be able to specify which sheet will be used to provide the data.

  • This version works with a specific set of data, a contact list with 10 fields per record. This allows for a slightly different presentation of the data, but also means that the developer will need to amend their app inventor project if they do not have 10 fields per record.

  • The data is now returned as stringified JSON lists, where not a simple message. Note: ensure that you have `ShowListsAsJson` ticked in the designer.

  • A youtuber copied the code and methods from my site and used these to make a series of video tutorials. Unfortunately, several key factors were missed in their version of things which has caused problems for those developers using the youtube material for their own apps, making a lot of work for me and others when having to clear up the problems on the App Inventor Community! I have placed comments on this youtubers channel to advise him and viewers, but these have been deleted. This new version should be distinct from the first version, in order to help avoid confusion. A link to the youtuber's work is here : (I have not graced it with a hyperlink, you will have to copy and paste).


You will need:

  • A google sheet with suitable data

  • A google apps script web app

  • An App Inventor app project




The blocks are set out in three columns: Procedures, Actions, and Variables





The aia project file should be fully working, using the data as above. To make it your own, you will need your own sheet with data, and your own google apps script web app - it will only work with my spreadsheets !! Of course, change the variables in the app to reflect this.


  • Always remember to create a new version of your google apps script everytime you make changes, and ensure that you give permissions to the script to access your files (it should ask you when you first publish)