NOTE: The file access restrictions put in place on the latest android version (10/11/+) may prevent this from working, because the linux sub system is not given any file access permissions, from the testing I have done

In exploring the depth and power of Juan Antonio's terminal extension, I got a bit carried away, and ended up generating 17 procedures that emulated the File component and most of the options available in Taifun's and Sunny's File extensions. I don't expect anyone to actually use these, the extensions are much easier to apply, although they may have a niche function in someone's app somewhere. To which end I have not developed on any further, there are no other components in the demo aside from the terminal extension. The blocks shown below are the procedures and  an example of each procedure's usage. What is does do is provide more examples of the commands you can run from the terminal on an android device.

A few of the assets functions only work in a compiled app, and these also require write permissions.

There is an aia file below, if anyone wants the procedures to drag across.



Juan Antonio and his Terminal extension

Taifun's File extension and Sunny's FileTools extension for inspiration  ;)