Possession - a home inventory app

This app demo was inspired by "Anthony Ajduk aka AjAs" on the community, I thought it was a good idea, and used it as a vehicle to try out a few things. I kept things fairly minimal and simple. Some of the activities you will find in this app are:

  • Splash screen with canvas

  • All done on one screen, use of virtual screens (arrangements) for everything

  • how to get permissions for storage on the sdcard, and create a directory there with a canvas (block placement is important here)

  • Use of Juan's base64 extension to convert images to code, allowing the saving of everything to the tinydb and a text file

  • Put to work my html cardview demo to display inventory items in a list

  • Cropping and resizing images to save space on the scard but also to give consistency to the display

  • A bit of DRY (don't repeat yourself) it might have seemed easier at the time to create separate virtual screens for VIEW/EDIT/REMOVE, but with the use of colour, and enablement/disablement of components achieved the same thing with one virtual screen


(apologies for the wobbly work with my web cam, and for leaving out the hard buttons (the back button is used for navigation)



Possession aia project


Andres Cotes for Button Addon Extension

Taifun for Tools, File and Image Extensions

Juan Antonio for base64 Extension

Sajal Duta for the Sort Routine

MIT for a great development platform :)