Dynamic Card Style Listview


This demo uses the Dynamic Components extension by Yusuf Cihan, to create a card style listview for AppInventor 2. A background image file is used for the "card", and the image (clickable) and the button (text display) are used to activate a notifier alert - of course these can action anything!

The listview has been setup to be dynamic in itself, therefore by changing the width of the vertical scrolling arrangement, all elements are resized (including a rudimentary font sizing). Because of this, a clock was required to catch the size of the horizontal arrangement, and therefore the dynamic creation of the cards was split into two sections.

The demo also uses the popupMenu extension by DevYb for the list size selections.

No schema has been written, but I may get around to it one day.

Although this looks like an ordinary listview, you do need to remember that everything in the list is being built dynamically from a template and from the data provided in the list. Add more items to the list, you get a longer list.