ANDROID and HTML Colour Codes

Colours as found in colour grid when left clicking a colour block in blocks editor

Android Colours from AI2 website

  • For HEX, add a # in front, e.g. #A1BD1C, to use in html and designer - (or click and drag on the actual colour to get the code)

  • DECIMAL 32BIT is the android colour number returned if, in blocks, you set a component's background colour to a label's text

  • DECIMAL 64 bit is the android colour number returned when you use the "make color" block

  • TRANSPARENCY: Background Transparent Colour = DECIMAL 32 BIT = 16777215 RGBA = 255, 255, 255, 0

  • NOTE: you can only use the colour names in html

  • The above table is a published google sheet, if you want a pure html and javascript version, use these two files:

Colours found on AI2 Web Application

Colours found in Google Charts

CSV of all these colours as RGB