TinyWebDB - Encrypted - on a Spreadsheet

Following on from THIS, where I used a php server to deliver a tinywebdb like experience, I then thought about providing much the same in a different way, but this time using google apps script, a web app, and a spreadsheet. The encryption element is slightly different, requiring a pin code of between 1 and 8 digits (no letters), but the data on the spreadsheet is encrypted, and again of no use to anyone who does not have the pin code. In testing I have been using a five digit pin. The user creates their own spreadsheet with a unique name, for their own use, although, at this time, and because of the way the web app is set up, the spreadsheet is still owned by me...of no use to me as I do not have the pin code! One day I will get around to figuring out how a user can set up their spreadsheet / other files, on their own google drive, but Google have made this difficult at the moment.

This approach is not designed for "big data", but for appropriate small scale use by individuals requiring an encrypted but accessible data storage solution.




What things could look like on the spreadsheet (the data is from use of two different pin codes....)


(example barebones)