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App Inventor is a cloud based tool for creating android apps, right in your browser. 

It uses the Blockly code blocks system to greatly simplify app building, making app creation accessible to young and old, and everyone in between!

Primarily created for use in computer science education, App Inventor has found a much wider user base; there are over 10 million registered users and @ 80,000 users access the platform every day.

I began using App Inventor when working in special needs education, helping the teaching staff to provide tools for augmentative and alternative communication, which in turn provided the children with access to IT, an important part of the UK curriculum.

I now help to support developers on the MIT AppInventor forums.

This site contains some of the ideas and solutions I have found / created / "borrowed" / developed over the years and is generated from what is happening now, from a couple of older websites / blogs I developed, and from what has been posted directly on the MIT AppInventor forums.

This site is divided into three main sections: 


 - short pieces of code blocks or useful elements that help to make programming in App Inventor that much easier


- longer explanations of methods used to achieve things (mostly to do with Google Drive/Sheets interaction)

- links and other bits of information that can be useful in developing MIT App Inventor apps

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