Save Any File to Google Drive

I have been working on doing this for quite some time within AppInventor, but the tools required on board are just not quite there to do it yet. However, I have come up with a “slingshot” solution using a combination of web technologies that will get a file from your device up to google drive.

In order to achieve this, you will require the following:

  1. A google web app
  2. An https web server with php and ftp access
  3. A couple of php scripts / pages
  4. Ai2 developed app

Credits to Scott Ferguson for the postfile howto, Digital Inspiration for the bones of the apps script, and to Taifun for the File extension 🙂

Again I assume that you have a good grip of AI2, writing and publishing google app script web apps, and the ability to ftp to your web space on an https server (Google Drive will NOT accept urls from non https servers)

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