CRUD with Google Sheets, Web App and AI2


That is create / read / update / delete to the uninitiated and the base requirement for the management of the data in a database.  There are many solutions on AI2 already that access remote data and database systems, and I have already explored some of the possibilities for connecting with Google Sheets, but never really put it all together. This effort aims to address that and to provide a single web app, built from google apps script as an interface between AI2 and a Google Sheet. This means you can keep your google sheet private yet provide access to the data via the mobile app.

Working this thing up will require some knowledge of google sheets, google apps script / javascript, and building apps in Appinventor 2.

I was partially driven to this by the lack of usable / functional  / (free) online data storage solutions that everyone can easily use, the upcoming demise of fusion tables and loss of firebase access from Ai2, and as said above, the need to pull various previous efforts together in one place.

We will start with the google sheet, then move on to the web app, and finally the AI2 app. Some rigour will be needed in order for all this to work, so I have set out some requirements and indicators along the way:¬† Continue reading “CRUD with Google Sheets, Web App and AI2”